Saturday, February 03, 2007

Humans cause Global warming

Picture of Greenpeace activists scaling the 327 meters high Eiffel Tower in Paris, France to unfurl a giant banner delivering the Climate Change message 'It's not too late to save the climate'.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) adopted the Summary for Policymakers of the first volume of “Climate Change 2007”, also known as the Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) yesterday in Paris.

The report, drafted by around 500 of the World's top scientists, supported by hundreds of other contributors, say that humans are most probably causing global warming.

Is that something surprising?

So it's not a question of whether there's Global warming or not but rather who causes it.

According to the report, World temperatures will likely rise 3.2 to 7.1 degrees Fahrenheit, and sea levels will rise 7 to 23 inches, plus another 4 to 8 inches if polar ice sheets keep melting. Means that a lot of place including London will be in danger of coming under the waves.

The responses from various governments were quite interesting.
The EU said it was the starkest warning yet, while the UK said climate change threatened world peace and prosperity.
On the other hand, a White House spokesperson said that this report "will be valuable to policymakers".

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