Sunday, January 28, 2007

Shilpa is Celebrity big brother winner

Images from the Official Celebrity Big Brother website.

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty has just won the "Celebrity Big Brother" UK reality show. She received 67% of the final votes and she deserved to win.

The 31 years old, beat 13 other contestants. My wife was rooting for Jermaine Jackson, older brother of Michael Jackson. She actually voted 3 times for him. I really admire him too - he has this rare positive aura that only certain spiritual people have and he had a calming effect on the other housemates. He came out second followed by actor Dirk Benedict.

It may be a coincidence, but both Shilpa and Jermaine don't consume alcohol as compared to others who were drowning in it whenever they got the chance, leading to some very silly actions and comments.

The results is a clear indication that the British people are for racial equality. There are a few bad eggs but so do other countries. Come to think of it, I personally don't think that it was ever a racial issue. Rather it was a case of some insecure girls with a bad upbringing lashing out against someone who was more cultured and elegant than them.

Wise words from Jermaine:
- "Kindness is a strength"
- "you can't reason with stupidity"

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p.s. Many newspapers and websites have reported that Shilpa received 63% of the votes. My info (67%) comes from the official CBB website.



cikdinz said...

hmmmm...shilpa shetty menang yeik...
isu perkauman tu tlh menaik kan nama dia.

Zaza said...

i agree with everything you said! like ez, we were hoping jermaine would win it too, but there's too many people betting on shilpa's victory! heheh. but yeah, she deserves to win it anyway! GOOD britain! well done!!

our lives will be dull from now on :( *sigh* no more CBB.........

Kate said...

congrats Shilpa! all the best Kate Rogers

ainee said...

aww~i wish jermaine wins. coz i think shilpa gets 'kesian' vote. but it's ok... hope BBC can take action about this matter-racism on shilpa-(is there any more complaint to come?). it's not a surprising thing to see racism in the reality Tv show as it is happening badly in our society.

BabyPink said...

hi adam!:)

it's been a while. i hope i can be around more often this year.

reading this entry made me think opf our own pinoy big brother here in the philippines. it was very successful. all the housemates became instant celebrities! funny!


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