Wednesday, January 17, 2007

International row over TV show

People are protesting on the streets in India over a UK TV show and causing a diplomatic row between the two countries. It has also been raised in the British Parliament.

The whole fuss is over the alleged racism towards Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty by her British housemates on the UK reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother.

Channel 4 denies the 'racism' allegations. I agree that there is a case of clash of cultures. However, even though they might deny it, the actions and words of some of the housemates reek of racism and there is no excuse for that short of thing.

One good thing that has come out of this issue is that more viewers are tuning into this show, which is of course a good thing for the TV channel and the sponsors. They definitely benefits from this kind of exposure despite their threat to quit the show. And of course we love anything controversial. Even my wife who used to complain that the show "is so boring" is presently glued in front of the idiot box watching it as I write this.

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1 comment:

Zaza said...

HAHAHA!!! it is not boring kan? :P

It is indeed getting the some headlines! and they even showed it in australian news, in russia, the states amongst others on what's happening in there. its terrible and i think they should call the whole thing off. it is heading towards racism, and basically endorsing bullying is perfectly fine. and channel4's all for the money. it is sad.

btw, i wrote something about it! ;) had to lah!


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