Thursday, January 25, 2007

Fuelmyblog on radio

Some readers may recall that I had blogged about some time back.

Well! It's getting really popular and there's only 171 squares left on the main page. But don't worry, the site has 4 other pages. Go and book a square if you already haven't. It's totally FREE, in case you didn't know.

Anyway, Kevin (the webmaster and owner of is going for a live internet radio interview in the next few days. He also plans to interview a blogger every week, talking about the top stories in the blogs. Read the full story here.

So if you want to be interviewed (would be a great opportunity for free advertising of your blog), just drop Kevin a line by email.

The site now has some link buttons, which you can use. Link:

p.s. The rules say that animated images are allowed but I noticed a few of those on the main page.


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5xmom said...

Eh, I tagged you but I think I use the other URL.


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