Saturday, January 20, 2007

Car parking portal

Finding a parking space in the city can be nightmare, especially on special holidays as I had experienced during my trip to the Bullring in Birmingham during Boxing day. It's not unusual to go round and round trying to find parking and wishing that there was some way we could have booked a space beforehand.

Well, there is finally a website, which allows us to do precisely that. (the name stands for Parking made easy) is an online portal for parking spaces in the UK.

How does this work?
Homeowners and existing commercial car parks can join for free and rent out their parking spaces. Customers can register for free and book available parking spaces online instantly. will take a small commission of the rental fee.

It's an easy way to earn money, for home owners with an unused driveway, garage or secure parking space. According to the site, driveways near to train and tube stations, town centres and sporting events are likely to be in the highest demand.

They estimate that in general driveways can be rented out for £10-£60 a week, potentially earning in excess of £3,000 pounds a year.

If you only want to rent your space out for only a few hours each day, no problem!
You can still do that.

Interesting concept.

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