Saturday, December 16, 2006

See how an Internet business is set up

As an MBA student, we read about Internet start ups and how net entrepreneurs became overnight millionaires. That was during the hight of the Dot Com boom. Of course, we then read how most went bust when the bubble burst and we analysed what they did wrong. We would get fired up reading the case studies of the few successful internet companies and dream of one day setting up or working for such a company.

Students today are lucky as they can now watch as an Internet company is built up from nothing into a multi-billion dollar international powerhouse. This is reality tv unlike something you might have seen before. It follows the crazy antics of the people who make up the team led by Edward “Ted” Murphy (the founder and CEO), as they move the company into a mutimillion dollar international business.

If you don't believe me just check out well known Malaysian blogs and you will be hard pressed to find one without the link button you see on my side bar on the right.

When I last checked, their website had 4 episodes. The last one is actually just a preview (titled VEGAS BABY!) of a forthcoming episode. Looks like some more crazy stuff. As far as I know, no TV channel in the UK are showing them as yet and the website mentions that..
We are currently shopping our show to television networks. All footage has been shot in HD. If you are interested drop us an email at ted (at) payperpost (dotcom).

Anyone interested?



Anonymous said...

wow. the idea is awesome. almost like adsense.

Adam said...

Ainee: It's even better. You should try it out too.


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