18 December 2006

Leona has the X Factor

Leona Lewis is the winner of the 3rd series of X Factor, the most popular reality talent show in the UK. The 21 year old from London is the first female winner of the talent show.

To be honest, yesterday was the first time I actually watched the whole show. Before that I had only been able to catch bits and pieces now and then.

For the final show, she sang "I Will Always Love You" (Dolly Parton), "A Million Love Songs" sung with Take That (Take That), "All by Myself" (Eric Carmen) and "A Moment like This" (Kelly Clarkson).

I think that it was the last song that actually won her the prize - a million pound recording contract. She really has an amazing voice and I couldn't help but compare her with Mariah Carey. She actually sounded better. I can't remember the last time, the UK has ever produced an internationally famous singer. You can't count the Spice Girls because they were a group. I predict she's going to be the one.

Anyway, it was really amazing that right after she won, viewers were taken to a factory where her debut single "A Moment Like This" started production straightaway. It will be available in music stores on Wednesday. However, you can download the song from the ITV website. It has broken a World record, by being downloaded 50,000 times within 30 minutes of being available online. Her debut single pre-sold 1,000,000 copies making her the top contender for this year's UK Christmas number-one single.

Oh! Raymond Quinn better known as Ray was the runner's up and it seems he got a good deal too. Simon Cowell (who is a judge and also a co-producer of the show) said:

I’m going to have a quiet chat with Ray on my own in a minute. We won’t let Ray down.

Seems like everyone is a winner in the show.

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Anonymous said...

Actually UK has been producing some good singers in recent years.

James Blunt is one of the hottest new stars worldwide in 2005/2006.

Popular female singers from UK are rather rare though.

Anonymous said...

I was going to say James Blunt but Jee beat me to it.... And of course there's also Damien Rice even though he's not as popular as James Blunt...

I've heard Leona singing A Moment Like This, but I have to confess I like Kelly's version better.


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