Monday, December 18, 2006

New Year Wish List

Online wish lists are nothing new and most online stores including, allow you to create one. The most popular auction site in the World, eBay has something similar though they call it the "Want It Now" list.

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I used to think of them as a list of all the stuff you dream about, which you then paste on your blog sidebar, just to make it look funky. I only came to realise their usefulness when my sister got married in Australia. She put up a online wish list (with one store in Melbourne) where guests could select stuff to buy as wedding gifts for the couple.

I certainly think it is a good idea and we wouldn't have been stuck with several punch bowls, rice cookers etc. Not sure whether it will take of in Malaysia because of our culture. I for a fact know that most Malaysian Chinese prefer gifts of cash rather then items. So that they can cover the cost of the dinner (please correct me if I am wrong). In the west, it has been well accepted for most weddings to have a wish list.

Wish lists are not limited to weddings and you can have one for any special occasion including birthdays, baby showers, etc. It's not too late to create one for Christmas too. One thing about most wish lists is that they are restricted to a single online store. However, that was before I came across Wishbin where you can create and organize not just one but multiple wish lists. And best of all, it is not restricted to one site but you can creat a list from wish lists from popular online retailers such as, Toys "R" us,, Target, Banana Republic, etc. In fact, WishBin supports all retail websites.

BTW, take a look at the my New Year wish list.

I was looking at my list and I suddenly realised that out of the 10, 8 are electronic items. I guess it's true what they say about boys and toys. Some might think that it's so materialistic. I also wish World Peace too.

p.s. This post was not sponsored by I wrote this much earlier but didn't post it up, thus wasting an excellent opportunity to make some money in the process.



Cubed said...

Wish :D ebay good hear it :D

Anonymous said...

oh, ouh. i want wii too ;)
does anyone wants to give it to me as xmas present?

Bee said...

Hehe I want a new apartment. But I guess that's just too expensive to wish for... unless if I acquainted with some datuks hehe.

Happy New Year to You and Your Family. Lets end the year with a bang!

sweetspirits said...

Yeah wish lists are kewl , i should make one hehe .
So you want a Wii , is that the right price ? seems high .
Wii is so fun , i'll post a pic up of my Mii later this week .
cheerz tcz


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