Monday, February 27, 2006

Bumper Fixed

Finally fixed my car bumper and had it painted too. Cost me a total of RM400/ for the knocking, a new bumper, the paint and the service charges. It would have cost me much more in KL I guess.

Here are the 'before' and 'after' pics:



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gazard said...

Hehe, it was really a bad day man! However, brand new bumper... at least! Cheers...

aida said...

Jusr wanted to inform you that I have moved to Update your links ya. :)

narrowband said...

oO, spanking brand new sexy behind! ;p

Adam said...

Gazard: Yes. All the stuff for my car has sure burnt a hole in my pocket this month. And with petrol prices rising by 30 sen .....

Aida: Have updated the link.

Narrowband: ;-)

Lrong said...

You got hit and you had to pay for the repairs?

Adam said...

I am too kind hearted, as my wife always tells me.

I settled for RM80. Felt pity after learning that the lady who bumped me is just a clerk and had to wait for her monthly income to come in just to pay me the money.

However I wonder what would have happened if it was vice versa.

Audio Mobil said...

have u already insurance your car


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