Monday, September 13, 2004


I am an auto enthusiast (I don’t like to use the word “freak”) and try to keep myself updated with the last motoring news. That’s why every Sunday; you will see me buried in the ‘Cars, bikes and trucks’ section of the NST.

Some weeks back I noticed that there was a small contest asking readers to send in their suggestions (throug SMS) on how to improve Proton's services and products. Of course I had a lot of suggestions (You can read my old post here) but I sent only one. Well, last week I was going through the old newspapers when I noticed: “ Following are this week's winners:” and my phone number was listed as one of them.

I was really proud and showed it to my wife who brought me down to earth with, "Well! What did you win?” I had to admit that I didn’t win anything and of course justified that getting my message printed was a prize in itself. My wife went “hrmphhhh!” with a look, which said a thousand words.

Maybe I am easily satisfied with small things but that's me.

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