05 January 2011

My Hawk bike bought over eBay

I realise that this blog is slowly turning into a bike blog but that is what I am really into right now.

When I decided to start cycling, I was shocked at the prices of bikes here in the UK. I was determined not to spend more than £50 and I went on to eBay.

This is a Hawk Reaction mountain bike which I finally won on eBay for just £16.

Hawk cycles which is based in the Midlands are said to be the largest family owned cycle chain in the UK.

Anyway, the bike was listed as a unisex bike but after I won it, one look at the pink stickers and I realised that it was a ladies bike. I don't really care even if it is a ladies bike but I am not really fond of pink and I later removed all the stickers.

When I collected the bike, the tyres were flat and I though I might have to replace them but later found out that they were in really good condition.

The bike is fitted with 18 speed Shimano gears with twist grip gear levers. It is not that light but I have got used to it now and the Zoom Front Suspensions does help when going over potholes.

As I mentioned in my previous post Finding the right saddle for my cycle, I replaced the original saddle with a new WTB Speed-V Sport Saddle. This will soon be replaced by a used Brooks saddle - said to be the best cycle saddles in the World, which I also won on eBay.

I also replaced the old chain with a KMC X9-73 9 Speed Chain from Go Outdoors for £14.39. I initially wanted to buy the Shimano HG73 9 Speed Chain but it was too costly.

Other additions include the mudguards from Halfords, front and rear lights and a stand.

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