22 November 2010

Finding the right saddle for my cycle

This is my second post about my new passion - cycling and about a very important component of the cycle - the saddle. It is after all the part that remains in contact with your body and also carries most of your weight most of the time. At least for me anyway, because on my way to the University, I see a lot of guys who don't seem to be sitting on their saddles while paddling their bikes. I guess they are the pros.

Anyway, a few days after I bought my used bike over eBay, I took it out for a ride in the neighbourhood. The cycle is a Hawk mountain bike and came with it's original saddle from the shop - basic plastic and foam. I had barely gone for only a several hundred yards when I realised that the saddle was really uncomfortable and in fact my butt was beginning to get sore. By the time I got home, some very sensitive parts of my body in contact with the saddle were already numb. There was no way I was going to ride 4.8 miles to University on that saddle.

On my way back from the university a few days later, I dropped by the Go Outdoors store and bought myself a Canyon Gel seat cover. The thought of buying a new saddle never came into my mind then. After all, the reason I started cycling was because I wanted to save money. Anyway, the cover did make it a bit more tolerable and I did eventually start cycling to the University of Warwick campus from my house in Radford.

As time went by, I realised that I needed to invest in a new saddle. There were some drawbacks of the gel cover. It soaked up rain and the cushioning effect was gone by the time I reached the University. Doing research on the net, I found that there were so many brands and all kinds of saddles to choose from. A number of long time riders swore by their leather Brooks - a luxury brand in cycle saddles. Yes! There are actually luxury bicycle and accessories brands.
Best selling Brooks saddle - the B17 Special

However, I realised that I could actually buy a brand new bike with the price of the cheapest Brooks saddle. So I gave up the idea of buying a brand new brooks and went to eBay. I actually missed an amazing bargain on an almost new Brooks that went at just £5.50.

I ultimately bid and won a brand new WTB  Speed-V Sport Saddle. It retails at £24.99 but I got it for £12 including postage. The saddle features something which they call the 'Love Channel' which allows some room for some sensitive parts in contact with the saddle and it definitely made a huge difference. Though I would be lying if I said that it was really comfortable, I guess it will have to do for the time being.

Besides a comfortable saddle, I found out that it helps to have padded cycling pants. I am not a fan of men in tights but I decided to go for a Karrimor Padded Cycling Pants Mens, which I got on Amazon for just £10.99 including postage (original price was £34.99). What a huge difference it made and I always wonder why I didn't buy one earlier. Looking forward to sore free bottoms in the future.

If you are a cycling enthusiast, please do share your experience with cycle saddles.

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