12 October 2009

Crossed 2K followers on Twitter

Last night was a landmark for me. The number of my followers on Twitter crossed the 2000 mark. I know some of you guys reading this are laughing. 2K followers is nothing. However, for me it is astounding that a little more than 2000 people find my tweets interesting.

BTW, I am also the 6th top Twitter user or Twitterer or Tweep in Coventry according to Twittergrader. If you think that's impressive, you will be surprised to learn that up until a few months ago I was #1.

If you are one of those guys going, "What the hell is Twitter?", I am afraid this means that you are definitely out of the loop.

Unfortunately the Mrs is not impressed. "If you worked as hard on your research, you would probably have completed it by now", she says.  Of course, I have no comments or I won't be eating dinner at night.

Anyway, follow me on Twitter @admutum

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