14 April 2008

Playing with bubbles

Recently bought a bubble machine. The mechanism is quite simple, you fill up the tank with the bubble mix and a fan at the back blows air through of bubble wands turning round. It produces hundreds of bubbles per minute and kids love it.





Definitely beats blowing bubbles yourself.


Anonymous said...

These pictures remind me of days when I was a kid.I use to play a lot with bubbles but it was the one which we use blow with soap water and get bubbles.I think this bubble gun is cool for kids.

emilayusof said...

Great pictures, Adam! I love chasing bubbles too!

Iskandar Syah Ismail aka DR Bubbles said...


I love bubbles all my life.And naturally, I love buying bubble guns!

I still remember buying all those sort of bubble guns from hypermarts in KL and testing it.

None it seems matched my criteria of good bubble gun except one - the fire extinguisher bubble gun I bought shortly before I left for Bam,Iran to clown for the earthquake victims back in 2004.

I knew it was a good bubble gun because when I was about to leave Bam, a young girl named Gulnaz shyly asked for the bubble gun as a farewell gift.

I am sure by now she still have it.

How can I get that interesting bubble gun? I am very interested to get one.Do let me know.

Dilip Mutum said...

Emila: Thanks. I am rediscovering what I have lost with my kids.

drbubbles: Thanks for dropping by. The bubble machine is from ELC (http://www.elc.co.uk/toy-40274) and costs £10/

Pegasus2you said...
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Pegasus2you said...

Imaan is so big now..he's a minime of you Tamo hehe...I love the picture with Rahil & the bubbles, nice shot!hope you & Ez are fine with the kids...

chics said...

Hmm now I feel like getting one..for myself.


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