08 March 2008

Didn't get the job

I was in the middle of class today when I received a call from the Unitemps office. I didn't get the job. It not something that you like to hear on your birthday but there you go.

Felt a bit down because I was extremely confident I would get the job. I was excited even though the job was only a part time and temporary, because I had done the research and felt that I could show them immediate results in just a couple of weeks.

The lady on the line was telling me that the choice had been extremely difficult and that they had a hard time deciding between me and another candidate. That was even more upsetting because then I start thinking that probably I didn't sell myself enough or that maybe I shouldn't have been too honest.

A simple "Sorry! You didn't get the position you applied for" email would have sufficed.

Anyway, that's life. You win some, you lose some.


neomesuff said...

maybe a better offer coming your way ;-)

Dilip Mutum said...

Yeah! I am optimistic.

Anonymous said...

If you did not get the job, then something better might be coming. It's good knowing you are optimistic. Just keep looking for other opportunities.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! sorry about the job, but perhaps you need to be open to something else at this time.


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