29 February 2008

A taxi ride

Yesterday evening I was attending a seminar on new digital media at the University of Warwick when I received a call from my wife. Our son had a really high temperature and we might have to send him to the drop-in clinic.

I didn't have the car and as a bus ride back would lake too long, decided to take a Taxi. Fortunately there were several parked besides the Rootes building.

The taxi was one of the new generation TX4 built by LTI vehicles based in Coventry. I just realised that it was my first time ever in one of these so called "London Taxis". Quite roomy and comfortable.

The taxi driver was polite and tried to make some small talk but I was not in the mood and he soon got the point I guess.

I don't know why but the journey (which is around 3.9 miles) felt like it took ages. I guess I was worried about my son. It cost me £12.80 for the journey. Though I love the idea of efficient public transport, blah blah blah, it is in situations like this that you makes you realise the advantages of having your own vehicle.

Found out that my son's temperature had gone down and we didn't have to send him to the clinic.

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