12 December 2006

I am really awesome

I was intrigued after reading Lilian's (better known as 5Xmom) post "5xmom is really awesome!" and followed the link given. It lead me to Awesomemillion.com.

This is a fun website and allows you to have your own page certifying that you are "Really Awesome" and one in a million. Fun aside, it is actually a good online marketing tool. By paying Only $5 you can upload a picture - it may be your photograph, logo or whatever. The image will immediately appear on the home page of awesomemillion.com and linked to your site (of course you have to provide a link).

I have no idea how far it's true but according to the site, it pushed the blog traffic of a member to the grand total of over 25000 impressions. That's pretty amazing. Don't you think so?

Here's my own certificate, which proves that I am TRULY AWESOME and one in a million.

My God! I really sound like an egoistic £$%^&*d.

As 5Xmom mentions in her post, you don't have to pay $5 to get listed. Go over to the site now to find out more. I got there through Creamaid (via 5Xmom). You can actually blog about the website and earn a royalty. Just click the blue button below.

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Anonymous said...

oh i signed up for that too but did not blog about it. should have blog about it and put up my cert eh.

btw i choose some special numbers with 5 figures. i understand the numbers are just any number you like you pick to identify you. at first i thought the numbers means the placing and was shocked why i choose 5 figures, when at that time i signed up only 3 figures.

Dilip Mutum said...

Lucia: Just write a post on the topic, click the blue 'Click here to participate' button on my post and follow the steps. If your post is selected, both of us will win some royalty.

Anonymous said...

HOORAY for Awesome Adam!


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