30 November 2006

My ebay computer

I love small laptops for their portability. However nothings beats a proper PC when it comes to everyday computing, playing games, editing photographs, designing websites and crunching numbers on the SPSS statistical software. I simply hate typing on the cramped tiny keyboard.

Even though I have tried the so called "desktop replacement laptops" said to be fastest growing segment in the portable computer market, I never really liked them. It's kind of funny when you look at the term itself. I mean is it a desktop or laptop?

We were also tired of fighting over the only lap top we have (actually belongs to my wife). It's quite fair as she needs it for her research work. So we finally decided to buy a PC.

When we checked around, we were quite shocked with the prices of PCs here in the UK. They even have insurance for computers. It is not surprising considering that almost everything comes from overseas. I am beginning to really miss Low Yatt plaza.

So in the end we ended up looking on eBay UK, our favourite e-commerce site.

Over a period of 2 weeks starting 16 of November, we bid on and lost and won several items. And yesterday, I have everything I needed.

1. AMD ATHLON 1.3 GHz powered PC (Refurbished) with 256 MB RAM and 40 GB HDD. Price: £47 (the most costly item).

2. A0C 17" CRT monitor (Used). Price: £2.20.

3. BENQ X530 Wireless keyboard and mouse + Misson 2.1 Multimedia speakers (Brand new). Price: £22.01. This was my best deal because the speakers alone costs £17.75 in the market.

4. Internal Wireless PC LAN PCI card Adaptor (brand new). Price: £14.

Of course we need a table to put the computer on:
5. Ikea Mikael Computer Table (Almost new). Price: £4.99.

The total cost: £90.20 (RM640.29 approx.).

Of course, this does not include the cost of petrol. I had picked up most of the stuff from the sellers' homes myself. This had two advantages - 1. I saved on postage charges and 2. It helped me familarise myself with the various roads. While fetching the stuff, I also passed by some very interesting and historical sites. For example, the Temple Ballsall in Fen End, Warwickshire. As the name suggests, it is related to the Knights Templar. Though I wanted to, I couldn't stop by as I had to rush back to Coventry. Maybe later.



k.d said...

Good on you for getting those under £100. Jangan leka sangat main game sampai tak ingat Rahil dah le.

khairyn said...

oh how true! Buying a laptop here is a nightmare. When I came, I left my old (I mean OLD Compact ARMADA)battered laptop at home as honestly, I don't have place for it in my luggage. I had to shop around for a laptop here and the modest I could get is this hp DV series for £439. Actually I felt cheated. There's no bag, no free stuff like what we get when we buy laptops back home. Yes! I miss Low Yatt plaza very very very much.

Anonymous said...

you got a very good bargain there, adam. all these for under RM700. cheap indeed.

Miss Aini said...

woar~dats very cheap! i bought from comet and whew~ there goes the money. itu pun free delivery. why la UK doesnt have PC fair.

Other stuffs I bought from carboot and ebuyer website.

Good for you!

*lynne* said...

good for you! I can understand having to scrimp and save and look for the best deal you can, and I try to do that too, but I try to make sure I don't get carried away and become "penny wise & pound foolish" y'know? So, just ciruous: even if you were to include the price of petrol [I'm sure mahal giler...] do you think you still came out better than just buying new/from one place?

Dilip Mutum said...

azlynne: Even if I include the petrol, I still got a good deal because the cheapest new computer here costs at least £300. Plus the stuff I picked up were within 20 miles radius. Some of the stuff including the wifi adaptor, the keyboard+ speakers came by post. You should not forget that the total cost also includes an almost brand new Ikea computer table.


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