04 November 2006

Getting Connected

As regulars might have noticed, I am blogging almost daily now.

Yes! We finally have broadband internet connection. Getting connected was quite easy, the difficult part was selecting the service provider. Consumers here have so many choices, it's crazy. Pity the guys back in Malaysia who have to depend on Streamyx becoming bald after tearing their hair in frustration.

We asked around, checked the comparisions on the web, read the reviews and finally narrowed down our choice to BT, Sky, Talk Talk, NTL and AOL.

The NTL package was particularly attractive - cable TV, telephone and broadband, all for £30 per month. However, a lot of our friends talked us out of it as their experience with the service provider was not so good. Sky and Talk Talk had a long waiting list and we finally settled on AOL. Their Silver package provide download speeds of upto 1Mbps with no limits on downloads (as compared to only 2 gigs for BT). However, what clinched our decision was the fact that they were providing a wireless router for FREE and we quickly signed up online.

About one week later the postman dropped by with a box. Everything we needed to set up a connection was in the pack. It contained:

- a Netgear wireless router
- three DSL filters
- ethernet cable
- line cable
- power supply
- a booklet &
- an installation CD.

Setting up the connection was a breeze. Just followed the steps on the CD.

So far, so good.



Ann always said...

hey same here. the postman came with the box and all we did was install it as per the instruction. but here we don't have much of a choice in terms of provider but cablecom is the default choice of the majority and so far no complaints. and i too am a fulltime parent who blogs (and reads blogs) daily (but trying to refrain the temptation all the time) ... it's a boring job (but some say rewarding...hmmph)

Anonymous said...

yeyyyy!! you guys dah ada broadband!!yipeeyayeyyy!!

Anonymous said...

To be fair to Streamyx.. they are getting better for me in the past couple of months.

It's nice to have choices though, competition creates better qualities.

I actually miss Sainsbury and M&S in London, they have good options of cheap but nice food :)

Dilip Mutum said...

Ann:I plan to get a job soon and take turns looking after the kids with my wife.

Zaza: Yep! Looking forward to updating my blog regularly besides reading others.

Jee: We mostly shop at Tesco and Morrisons here. Mainly because they are the nearest to our house.

Reta said...

oh wow looks like I miss a lot from not reading your blog. now you're in UK?? =)

I might be going there next year for my sis' graduation teehee.

Dilip Mutum said...

Cyber-red: Been here for a month now. Have a lot to blog about - jut don't have the time. Who said looking after kids were easy.

Unknown said...

Hi, i just stumbled upon your blog. Couldn't help wondering what those palms on the banner are.

Dilip Mutum said...

Bernard: Hi! Welcome to my blog. I have no idea what type of palm it is. I took the picture just outside my old office.

chics said...

ahh u r in uk now?wow. seemes that i miss lots of things here

yazid said...

hey man, good to you compared to myself here in Melaka, don't tell me about Streamyx, even phone line also takde, my application still KIV.


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