18 August 2006

Amicable Divorce

I don't like spreading rumours but this was too hot, NOT to repeat.

Anyway, Someone told me this rumour regarding a marriage which ended amicably recently.

(BTW, this post has nothing to do with Datuk K or Siti Nurhaliza.)

According to this rumour, the marriage ended because of a third party. The wife discovered that the husband was having an affair. However, the surprising part is the third party was not another women but a MAN.

Adding some more salt to the rumour, the theory is that the wife (now divorcee) was not that bitter or mad as she would have been had the third party been another lady.

Can you make any sense out of all of this?



mama23beas said...

I guess, the worst enemy to a woman is always a woman;)

J said...

Erm... ok.
Maybe the woman is still in shock or something... I know I would be if it happened to me....

I'd probably be going along with my life, in denial, and suddenly it would hit me: "OMG - My husband left me for a MAN! What if it's my fault in some way? Maybe I was so terrible I turned him off women completely!"

Anonymous said...

i was hoping you'd write a bit on siti on datuk k but nevermind lah, this is juicy enough! hehe.. btw, answering your question, yes i can, i watch too much oprah, sally, ricki and those type of talk shows lah! typical housewife eh? basically, the wife feels better when the husband's having an affair with another man and not woman... because she can still feel like a beautiful woman and all that, nothing wrong with her (in most cases), its just the husband's sex preferences! oprah had this author on telly, married a young guy, after 5 years, turned out he was gay, she was furious and took legal actions and all, but the young husband said, its not her, nothing wrong with her, he knew all along that he was gay and just wanted to be 'normal' proving to everyone by getting married. but now he couldnt live a lie anymore. and decided to come out. she however is overly angry because he wanted money out of her, not because of his affair with another man! strangely enough!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. somewhat bizarre.

Anonymous said...

i guess it is understandable why she was not bitter. if her hubby were to leave her for another woman, she would feel very bad and compare herself with the other woman (since both are woman) e.g. what does she has that i don't, is she better in bed than me, and so on. when it is another man - what to compare?

anyway who knows later on she might go into a shock to discover her hubby is a gay all along...?

Anonymous said...

It's not all that shocking to me. I am friends with someone who was in that very situation. She was married to him for a while only to find out at our class reunion that her doctor husband was gay. It was THE talk of the entire reunion. What a way to find out something like that at a VERY important and social event in fron tof all your old friends. I felt bad for the girl. What's worse is that she was a VERY popular girl in school and VERY well known.
What a sad situation!
But a lot of times women marry men who are gay hoping that marriage will change them into straight men. This is a big illiusion!
All it is doing is covering up the obvious... that there will be no love within the marriage and that it is based on a lie.
How come these women aren't angrier about their man sleeping with another man? Simple. It's because these women know that they're getting it in the ass and that's punishment enough! LOL

hyelbaine said...

I'd have to say that after reading the blog and all the comments that followed, i'd have to say i agree with the 1st comment that a women's worse enemy is another women ;)

Cheers!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Well me ex left me for "men" and I still hate him for using me as a cover-up, wasted my time in that 3-yr relationship. I respect someone so forgiving.

5xmom.com said...

Hehehe, I think I will not be as angry if it has been a woman. Who knows, they may just become my best buddies.


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