27 June 2006

I love you or satanic salute

According to this website a lot of well known people are satanists. The author bases this on the fact that these famous guys are showing a particular hand sign.

Popular with a lot of heavy metal fans, the authors refers to it as the "El Diablo" hand sign.

Bunch of loonies.

Spiderman showing off the Satanic salute?

Rahil doing it too.

FYI, it is the deaf hand signal for the phrase, "I love you."

What do you think?

NEW UPDATES: Send me (ahoklah@gmail.com) your satanic salutes/ ILU signs and I will post up on my blog post here.

Alan Tam n Hacken Lee

Alan Tam & Hacken Lee New year countdown concert in Malaysia 2003.

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5xmom.com said...

I too had been curious about it. I had read a few sites and yeah, not sure whom to believe. During the American Idol, Randy always do that. And all the youngsters today must have this sign when taking photos.

Anonymous said...

all the punk rockers who flash that sign... satanists?

*lynne* said...

LMAO Adam, great choice of topic!

.. as far as I know, the "satanic" sign is the one with pinky & pointer finger up (thumb holding down the other two fingers), while the ILY sign is thumb, pointer & pinky outwards.

Therefore the pix u have of Rahil & Spidey = ILY.

So, yeah, while I am actually quite surprised to see the Bushes and many others caught flashing the satanic version, I just can't help but wonder whether they meant the ILY sign? But for the Bush pix, it seems more appropriate that he be flashing the V for victory sign, no? Being the dumba** that he is, maybe he thot what he was flashing was a "v"? heehehee!

(but even the V sign got problem... depending which way your palm is facing, it can mean victory... or p#ssy!)

.. and that website u linked to? eyeopening, but i'd dismiss it as sensationalistic "seeing only what they want to see" sort of thing. Wikipedia has a good overview if u wanna read more.

Dilip Mutum said...

Lynne: Thanks for the info. Add a link to the Wikipedia source.

Christine Lim said...

LOL! I like this one. Little Rahil is very cute.

Thanks for your kind words at my blog.

Anonymous said...

i agree with lynne that it is merely sensationalistic - you believe in what you choose to believe in... or not. and i don't believe it is the sign of satan.

Kak Teh said...

Salam - i have linked u at sentraal station - sorry terlambat. kak teh

Happy0303 said...

Very interesting reading. I was always a little confused as to the differences . . . the pinky & pointer vs. adding the thumb.

Dilip Mutum said...

Christine: Yes she is.

Lucia: Agree with you on that.

Kak Teh: Thanks.

Kailani: Was a bit surprised when I learnt about the shaka sign used in Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

Just testing the comments

Anonymous said...

Just to add to the mix, back in Britain, if the palm was facing away from the person you gave the bulls horns sign to, it was taken to mean Go Stick Your Balls On Barbed Wire.
Obviously not a very effective insult to women, and I don't know just how regional that sign was in the UK.


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