19 June 2006

Farhan singing the blues on AF4

Yesterday, some relatives came over to the house. There were a lot of people and we had a buffet nasi lemak lunch. It was delicious. Anyway, this post is not about the food.

Someone put on the TV and the Akademi Fantasia show was on.

I am so out of touch. This was the first show of this season that I watched. For those who didn't know, Akademi Fantasia is a Malaysian reality song competition, somewhat similar to the American Idol format.

Most of the performers were unimpressive. However, one lady made me stop eating and listen. Maybe I am biased because she was singing Gary Moore's Still Got The Blues. Gary was a hard rock/heavy metal musician in the 70's and 80's and later on crossed over to blues-rock. One of my all time fav. singers.

Still got the blues (1990)

Farhan (Nur Farhan bt Azizan) really did a good job and her vocals were really impressive.

However, I am not going to waste my money voting for her or anyone else. One thing I realise is that no lady is ever going to win in Akademi Fantasia. The reason: Majority of the voters are predominantly girls. And they are voting for "who looks the cutest" instead of "she has got talent".

* Added this video of Farhan singing the song on 22 Aug, 2006 due to requests from some of my guests. Enjoy.

Anyway, here are the lyrics for Still Got The Blues

Used to be so easy to give my heart away
But I found out the hard way
There's a price you have to pay
I found out that love was no friend of mine
I should have known time after time

So long, it was so long ago
But I've still got the blues for you

Used to be so easy to fall in love again
But I found out the hard way
It's a road that leads to pain
I found that love was more than just a game
You're playin' to win
But you lose just the same

So long, it was so long ago
But I've still got the blues for you

So many years since I've seen your face
Here in my heart, there's an empty space
Where you used to be

So long, it was so long ago
But I've still got the blues for you

Though the days come and go
There is one thing I know
I've still got the blues for you.

Watch this video and you will understand why I think Gary is one of the World's greatest guitarists.

So long, it was so long....

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yazid said...

yup, really love that song. Remind me nostalgic moment during my secondry schoolhood. yess really.

anakbrunei said...

Dont count on it! Farhan may be the first lady to win AF! In fact, I'm counting on it :D

Farhan is one talented singer! I LOVE FARHAN!

Anonymous said...

Wassup...I never like female singer but Farhan.
Shes got talent and hope that shes will become a good singer in the future....mmmm felt like waiting for her cds...

Anonymous said...

wish u had voted for her! most seemed to have similar thots like u did and what happened? she came out 3rd! She shld hv been the winner!
at least i voted cuz i truly love her voice! Like u tho, I 'fell in love' with her after hearing her rendition of 'still got the blues'!Otherwise, I wouldnt b bothered to follow AF4 at all!
Hope what cikgu ramli sarip will b true 'she may not b the champioon in af4 but she'll be the champion somewhere else'!
Yeah, her vocals is simply unique! The malaysian singer that i've been waiting for! She's top on my list now and i just cant wait for her debut album!!!

Chords said...

That sounded pretty good actually


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