Sunday, August 05, 2012

Following his Dreams - Khairzul

How many of us have dreamt of leaving our 9-5 jobs, travelling around the World and doing something we really loved.

Well, meet Khairzul my friend who did just that - an engineer by profession, he gave up his job in one of the biggest telecom companies in Malaysia, moved halfway round the World to the Netherlands and started painting.


Looking at his paintings, it is hard to believe that Khairzul has not received any formal training - he is a self - taught artist. I have watched him evolve as he tries to find his own "style". Initially I could see the influence of Van Gough - I guess it is hard not to be when you stay in the Netherlands, but over time I can honestly say that he has matured with a style which is uniquely Khairzul.

One of his earlier paintings in water colour, also of Koi and now hanging in our house.

Can you believe that this is a letter that he wrote to his two best friends - one of whom happens to be my wife.

Check out his paintings on Khairzul's art blog and his Facebook page.


Khairzul MG said...

I feel so honoured to get 'a mentioned' in your blog Adam. It definitely made my weekend much sweeter. On leaving pretty much everything to take up painting and make a living out of it, well, it was not easy and still a continuous struggle. It's hard to explain to others on why and how I made this decision, but the easiest way to explain so far is this - "I owe my previous life to follow my dreams and what my heart desires in this life".

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Khairzul. How sometimes I wish that we could celebrate it with karaoke listening to your cool rendition of M Nasir's Suatu Masa (and all other songs...), or maybe lunch at bawah pokok or at the shop by the roundabout. Those lunches came free with your rambling about C and how you hate it, most of the times. What we admire about you is your guts, very uniquely Khairzul. - Hardy

Anonymous said...

:( i miss us. Yeah, C's sucks! -Ez

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

It's my pleasure Khairzul. It's wonderful to have you guys as our friends.

Anonymous said...

Miss hardy and khairzul -kak anim


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