Monday, May 14, 2012

Be grateful

Found this piece of paper lying on the floor today morning. It was a page out of "The Secret: Daily teachings" and talks about being grateful. Some great words which I would like to share with you:
Criticism can be very subtle in the way it creeps into our thoughts. Here are some examples of criticism to help you become aware of its subtlety, so you can eliminate it from your thoughts:
The weather is awful today.
The traffic is terrible.
The service is really bad.
Oh no, look at the line.
He/ she is always late.
how long do we have to wait for our order?
That motorist is a lunatic.
It's so hot in here.
I've been on hold for so long! 
These are subtle things, but the law of attraction is listening to them all. You have the ability to appreciate something in every circumstance. There is always something to be grateful for.
Just in case you are wondering what the "law of attraction" mean, go and read the book or watch the DVD, The Secret.

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BabyPink said...

That's nice! This book seems really interesting. :)


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