Friday, January 13, 2012

At Greenwich park Christmas Eve 2012

We were at my sis-in-law's place in Greenwich this Christmas. On Christmas Eve, it was a chilly and cloudy but we were bored cooped up inside the house and decided to visit Greenwich Park.
Greenwich IMG_2361
Greenwich IMG_2362
Greenwich IMG_2363
Greenwich IMG_2364
Running after the squirrel

Greenwich IMG_2365
Leafless trees

Greenwich IMG_2367
Greenwich IMG_2373
Greenwich Observatory IMG_2374
At 0 Degrees Longitude - The Prime Meridian.
Greenwich IMG_2369
Greenwich IMG_2370
Greenwich IMG_2371
Greenwich IMG_2372

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Khairzul's Art Blog said...

The squirrels in England are really gutsy, I have to say that ;-)


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