Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New job, Coventry and the auto industry

In case you are wondering what I am going on about. read on and you will understand.

Last week I joined Coventry University Business School as a lecturer in marketing and advertising. I got the job finally after 6 interviews and hundreds of rejections. We are really delighted that I got into Coventry University as it means that we do not have to relocate to another city in the UK. Furthermore, I have always wanted to remain in academia as a lecturer.

I also joined at the right time as Coventry University is growing massively with new buildings and facilities. Its ranking has gone up to 53rd overall in the Sunday Times University Guide 2012 - a huge jump of 30 places from the last time. I was really happy to learn that the University is now ranked higher than some of the other Universities that rejected me.

I have grown to love Coventry and am learning a lot about it's history. Car buffs will definitely be aware that Coventry was once the auto capital of the UK and my office is located at the William Morris building, named after the founder of the Morris car company. The building dates from 1916 and they used to have their engine manufacturing facilities here.

Going around the building, I was trying to find traces of the former building and suddenly I noticed that near my office are the remains of the old bannister on the stairs with fine detailed carvings. They are carvings of bulls. Not sure whether they mean anything.

Carving William Morris building01


Will try to find some more traces of the old building.

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Jennifer Corner said...

It's nice that you're still an academic. As you can use your experience in teaching to enlighten many students. That's something we could do for our city.

Even though I just visited Coventry University for a few times, I still remember that it's a nice place to work.

Wish you all the best!


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