Monday, October 17, 2011

Brooks saddle made in India

My Falcon bike restoration project has been on hold for a while. I was thinking of repairing the saddle - replacing the foam and getting new covers but in the end I decided to get a new one. I have always wanted a Brooks saddle and I have had my eyes on the B17 Special for a while. However, £113 for a brand new one was a bit too much and I went onto eBay to find a deal. The appeal of Brooks saddles is amazing - even ancient tattered ones are going for as high as £40. Some actually cost as much as a new bike.

I bid on a few saddles and I set a limit of £25 and not surprisingly I lost every bid. One day I came across a buyer who was selling Brooks saddles which had been made in India. I was a bit sceptical at first but after doing a bit of research found out that indeed some companies in India used to make Brooks saddles.

So I made an offer of £10 which the seller promptly rejected. No harm in pushing your luck. So I pumped up the offer to £15 and I was delighted when the seller agreed.

A couple of days later I received the saddles nicely packed and was really surprised when I realised that they were in mint condition.

Brooks saddle made in India 02

Brooks saddle made in India 01

Brooks saddle made in India 03

The quality is really good with thick leather and good quality steel. I can't find a similar saddle in Brooks current catalogue (on their website). Really happy that I am the proud owner of a Brooks saddles (even though they were made in India). It will be going on my Falcon bike.


jasa penerjemah tersumpah said...'s very classic...greetings n good luck...

mrbrazil0080 said...

Thanks for the info . Do you know where I can buy these in the uk ?

Dilip Mutum said...

mrbrazil0080 I am not sure about the exact model but check out the Bookes website


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