Thursday, September 08, 2011

8th Blogoversary

It has been 8 long years since I first started blogging on ah ok lah in 2003. What first started out as a place on the web to voice out and share my thoughts, emotions and events ended up changing my life completely. From a hobby it became my source of income and also my area of specialisation.

I received a scholarship to do a PhD  in marketing at the Warwick Business School my research looks at the relationship between interactivity and attitudes towards blogs and towards advertising on blogs. I now blog on several blogs and even have been invited to speak about blogging to different audiences including a presentation on teaching with blogs to some academics at the University of Warwick.

Some say blogging is addictive - in my case it has been therapeutic. Other people play golf, or video games or do yoga. In my case, blogging helped me whenever I was stressed. It has definitely helped me with my writing skills in a language which is not my mother tongue.

I have come a long way - from someone who used to enjoy reading blogs to someone who is now considered an expert on blogging.

Why do I blog?

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