Monday, May 02, 2011

Royal Wedding - what people are talking about

Last weekend I was in London to see my in-laws off. I was thinking of going out to watch the Royal wedding celebrations but changed my decision at the thought of the crowds and my kids. We were able to watch the wedding in the comfort of my bro-in-law's house.

I really enjoyed and what ever people say, I think that the event was really what the British public needed. To a lot of people weary of the cuts, rise in prices, job losses and everything else, the event provided a welcome respite and brought cheer to a lot of people - even republicans. I am still enjoying the holidays.

Looking at the blogosphere and the various social media, the two most popular topics related to the wedding seem to be about bridesmaid Grace van Cutsem, who is also Prince William god daughter.

She was covering her ears and not really enjoying the event. Many thought that she might have some sensory problems (autism?) but people seem to forget that she is just 3 years old. Some of the comments were really cruel.

Another popular topic is Princess Beatrice's Philip Treacy Hat. It's a viral on the net now and you can even have your own picture with the hat on.

A lot of people don't seem to like the hat. If it was attention she was looking for when she choose the hat, she got it. I thought it was really brave of her.

Other popular news seems to be about Pippa Middleton, the bride's sister and maid of honour;and about the controversial snub of former (Labour)Prime Ministers, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, both of whom were not invited to the wedding.


lillian said...

I felt so sorry for the little girl.. I bet everyone on that balcony wanted to cover their ears. .must have been incredibly loud!!!

Anonymous said...

she needs to have a check up in the INPP. My son does the same, covers his ears as his hearing is too sensitive.Luckily can be treated


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