Friday, April 08, 2011

Bad experience with Etihad

It's really shocking how some big companies treat (or should I say mistreat) their customers. My brother-in-law was just telling us about their bad experience with Etihad Airways(which is the national airline of the UAE) recently and I wanted to blog about it here so that other people are aware. It was really surprising because the company has a long list of awards which they have won for their customer service.

They had bought a ticket to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from London for my nephew in January. Somehow they ended up charging my brother-in-law's credit card twice. The amount is about £550 which is not a small sum.

He promptly called them up to get a reimbursement following which they directed him to send them an email with details of the ticket/transaction. Apparently he has had the same conversation a few times and have been sending them back similar emails several times as well.

It has been three months since the original travel date and my brother-in-law still hasn't received anything, not even an acknowledgement.

In the meantime, he's been paying interest on the cost. Right now he totally fed up and is contemplating sending an official complaint to Consumer Direct.

I hope they solve it before it goes to that.

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andrew said...

Has your bro-in law file a complaint through his credit card provider? As the amount is >£100, check this link out about Section75 law:

Also your bro in law can ask the bank to refund the interest paid due to this problem. Hope it'll work out soon as £550 is not a small amount at all. Good luck.


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