Thursday, December 30, 2010

Coventry Eagle Bike for my wife

My wife received an unexpected present from our friends Kak Yati and Faizam. I was helping load their stuff on the container they were sending back home to Malaysia when En. Faizam told me that he had left a bike for my wife in their backyard.

I later collected it just as they were leaving for Malaysia. I had to dismantle it a bit so that it fit in the car and had been lying there in the back of our house since then.

Today I was feeling a bit sleepy and decided to assemble the cycle.

It is a Coventry Eagle Vision ladies hybrid bike was in surprisingly good condition. It has 15 speed Shimano gears fitted and the brakes are in excellent condition.

The seat was in excellent condition as well and really comfortable.

coventry eagle02

The tyres may need replacing though.

I later found out that the Coventry Eagle was once quite famous until it declined. Falcon cycles now own the brand name.

coventry eagle03

The old Coventry Eagle bikes used to have a great looking decal. However, I guess the one we have was probably made during the decline and only had stickers which have mostly come off.

coventry eagle01

A big Thank You! to Kak Yati and Faizam

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Lrong said...

Looks like you are still in the UK?
Happy new year to you and your loved ones and enjoy the bike...


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