Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Q&A series: is gold magnetic?

First in the series of questions that came to my head and possibly the answers.

I found out that pure gold is not magnetic - does not stick to a magnet either. If someone gives you an item which they say is gold and it sticks to a magnet, it is probably iron or some other ferromagnetic metal (iron, nickel, cobalt).

However, remember that besides Gold, platinum, silver, lead and aluminium does not stick to a magnet as well.


Anonymous said...

ofcourse la...
pure gold is pure metals
they don't have bonds with other elements thus having no free moving ions...
so magnetic force can't act on them..
but most gold now ( mostly the usual jewelries like rings , brooch or whatever else ) have small portion of other elements in it other than gold...so they all will stick to magnet...unless it is 100% pure gold...but i think no ppl would sell pure gold nowadays.

Computer Articles said...

I think pure gold will stick to magnet cause its pure metal. And metal is one of ferromagnetic materials. Correct me if i wrong

Mummy Sleeping Bags said...

Pure gold won't stick to a magnet- I have tried it with 999.9 and it didn't. I also think that 14K, 18K etc. act differently but I can't be sure.


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