Friday, November 12, 2010

Need to go on a holiday

It's been ages since we all last went on a holiday. The last time we went on a holiday was to La Rochelle in France - that was in 2008. Our PhD work and all the various therapy sessions for our son keep us occupied. I can't wait to complete and submit my thesis.

However, there are other things to worry about after I submit my thesis. namely getting a job. I really want to stay here in the UK for a while to continue the Son-rise programme with our son as well as the other therapies which are not available in Malaysia. It's just our luck that the Conservatives came to power just as we were completing our studies and made it tougher for us to get jobs. So far I have had only one interview out of the various applications I had sent out. However, I didn't get that job as well either. Everybody tells me that the doors will open once I get my PhD and I am hoping for the best.

Anyway, as soon as my wife and I submit our theses, we plan to go away somewhere nice. Can't wait for that day.


BabyPink said...

Eid mubarak to you and your family, Adam! May Allah grant your wishes and answer your prayers! :)

Khairzul said...

YAY! You guys are going to submit the thesis? YAY!!! Alhamdulillah! Let us updated OK!


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