Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Get professionals to review your CV for free

Right now I am in the process of writing up my PhD thesis and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have also started applying for jobs at different Universities. I have no idea why but ads for most academic jobs in the UK come out around this time with successful candidates starting work around the end of September- early October. You miss the boat this year and you have to wait for the next round next year.

So far, I haven't had even one interview, meaning that I had not been able to get through the first round of screenings. I had been expecting it as I still haven't got my PhD and due to the fact that I am from outside the EU. Getting a job here in the UK for non-EU people has become really hard, almost impossible.

Recently I attended this seminar for those interested in an academic career and I showed my CV to one of the experts. The lady who had a look at it made some suggestion but overall she was quite impressed with it. If it had not I would have been very disappointed.

Even though my English language skills are quite good, if I may say so myself, I feel that I need professionals who have experience in evaluating CVs to have a look at mine. This is because often, it is the CV that decides whether you get to the interview sessions.

I actually paid to get my CV and reference letter checked at this site called the CV Centre. They really did a good job and when I was not entirely happy with the first draft, they actually incorporated my comments and sent the revised version to me the same day itself.

Right now they are currently offering completely free CV reviews to potential new customers. Do take advantage of this offer as it is for a limited time only.


@ngel said...

Awesome Adam. Thanx for sharing the link and all the best with your writing up ;)

Beauty Photography Michael Zelbel said...

Awesome tip. Currently I am using my CV searching for a good position in Germany. Even though I think my CV is quite good, I cannot get a foot into any door.
I'll give the service a try.


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