Friday, December 11, 2009

A day as an invigilator

Yesterday morning I was invigilating an exam at the Rootes building in the University of Warwick. It was a 3 hours long exam and yes, it was really boring. So I tried to pass time by observing the people.

I never did think about it but looking at the guys, I realise how much I hate exams.

Anyway, students were not allowed to hang their jackets on their chairs for health and safety reasons and coat hangers were provided. However, there was this one lady who refused saying that "this is a cardigan not a jacket". Actually it was a fleece jacket and she looked like a feisty lady - one of those stubborn ones who stuck by their guns and I left her alone.

I couldn't believe it but some people had actually forgotten to bring their University identification cards - one lady told me that she had lost hers. Fortunately they had some kind of alternative ID.

During exams people do all kinds of things to remember the stuff they had crammed - one guy was scratching his head on the right side using his left hand. Another guy was staring at the lights for a long time. One lady with big hair do was moving her head back and forth and waving her hands around in front and many more.

The air conditioning suddenly came on around 11am with a loud swoosh and a few guys actually jumped in their seats. We never realise how loud these things are.

When it finally ended and after all the answer sheets for accounted for, we noticed that 6 people had left their mobile phones behind. They had been asked to hand it in when they started the exams. It's not surprising. Every exam, something always gets left behind and some people will never come back for them.


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I've done my fair share of invigilating - never does time pass so slowly ...... ghastly

zuwairiaiman said...

great experience right.. invigilator... keep up the good work

BabyPink said...

I wonder how I look like or what I do to remember things during exams. These are things that we are not exactly aware of, right? Hehehe:)

As a teacher, whenever I give exams, I know which student has studied and which hasn't just by looking at them. Hehehe:)

kljs said...

Exams...... I just went through my first semester Master Degree exam recently..... after so long finishing my degree, it is not a great experience going back into the exam hall.

Monica said...

here's wishing u a Happy New Year, Adam! May 2010 bring u a year of peace, love and happiness ;)


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