Sunday, August 02, 2009

In the auto car wash for the first time

We were getting a bit bored stuck at home and decided to go out for lunch at the city centre today. After a heavy meal at Nando's we were on our way back when my wife noticed that our son was dozing off and asked me to drive around a bit so that he could go to sleep as he usually does. However, after several minutes he was still awake and we decided to get our car washed.

It's been ages since I had it washed and it was filthy looking. We drove to the Tesco car wash at the Arena park. Their cheapest rate is only £1.99 but I decided to go for the £6 package with wax and stuff.

After we got into the wash, we were pleasantly surprised when the car was sprayed with blue and pink foam.


See the look on my son's face.

Both anxious and excited at the same time. Not surprising after all it was his first time in a car wash.


To be honest, it was my first time as well. My wife was shocked when I told her that I have never gone into a car wash. I have personally avoided car washes all this time because I have heard so many horror stories of machines scratching the cars.

In the end, realised that I was scared for nothing and the car is now sparking clean. It's faster and more importantly, much cheaper than my usual car wash.

Will definitely be going back again.


@ngel said...

hehehe... so nice! I will post it on :)

BabyPink said...

What a cute boy! Well, I've never been in a carwash like that before so I'd probably look the same if I were him.

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

Thanks angel.

He wasn't really sared - more surprised I guess.


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