Sunday, June 07, 2009

Yellow roses

I have only three rose plants but they are doing really well. I expect to have all three bushes blooming by next week.


The yellow roses have a slight pinkish tinge on the edges. What do you think?

Hybrid Tea Rose - Sunblest

My herbal garden is doing really great as well. Besides my mints and rosemary, I now have basil and coriander growing as well. Nothing beats fresh herbs on your dishes.

This is my
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First Commentator


carmela said...

very nice roses :-) i think the weather is really helping..rain and sun alternately :-) we also have orange roses..not much care needed..they just bloom.. and we have coriander, thyme and mint growing indoors though..

shaine said...

What a lovely photo, i like roses no matter what color :)

BabyPink said...

wow! it's my first time to see yellow roses! and, i love the pink edges. :)


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