Saturday, June 27, 2009

Visit to Edinburgh castle

Warning: Loads of pictures. May take ages to load on slow connections.

Some pics of Edinburgh castle from our last trip. A visit to Edinburgh will not be complete without a visit to the castle. It's at the Western end of the Royal Mile.

A bit overcast when we visited it. The sun came out later.

100_0399 100_0400
There are two statues at the castle gates. The one on the left is that of Robert the Bruce. Have you heard the story about him and the spider and "Try, try, try again". Look it up on Google. Not sure who the other statue is of.


The Argyle Battery

The Scottish Monument from the rear

Brother and sister

My son

Mons Meg 100_0427
Mons Meg, a huge cannon
Mons Meg 100_0430
Just look at the size of the cannon balls

Mons Meg 100_0429
Looking down the turret

Stained glass in St. Margaret's Chapel, the oldest building in Edinburgh castle.

Edinburgh 00034 Edinburgh 00033

Edinburgh 00029
The well

Edinburgh 00028
The cannon

Coat of arms

Scottish War Memorial

Gargoyle looking down

Another battery

Edinburgh 00040 Edinburgh 00038
Outside the castle

view from Edinburgh castle
Panoramic view from top


Anonymous said...

Hi Buddy thanks for dropping by, I added a link to your blog on my page
See Ya

cinema bioskop said...

Nice journey.
I like your photo at Edinburgh castle.
It's make me become intresting about that place.

I like your photo at A bit overcast when we visited it, scottish war memorial and panoramic view from top.

Exspecially photo panoramic view form top, it's have beautiful clouds and city under. Make me want to go there if I have a lot of money.


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