Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson - The King of Pop

I was sending my kids to school today and I was listening to local radio station Mercia. I wasn't paying much attention and I thought I might have misheard when I heard Andy Goulding saying that Michael had passed away.

After dropping off the kids, listening to the radio I learnt that the King of Pop has really passed away. He was just 50 years old.

I used to joke to my students that when we were kids, Michael Jackson was still black. It was true, we grew up listening to ABC, Ben and I'll be there from the Jackson 5 days. I remember break dancing during my school days to the tunes of Billie Jean, Beat it, Thriller and Bad (Yes! I am from that era). It won't be wrong to say that he was a big influence and brought happiness to a lot of people all around the World.

Rest in Peace Michael.


yazid said...

May him be rest in peace, if he is a moslem than we are going to recite the AlFatihah to him. According to the news that his personal doctor might be involved to his death and the police is still investigating the motives.

Besides, I am wondering why those western celebrities (not MJ) choose to die in such the manner?

cinema bioskop said...

very sad news about Michael Jackson. I am one of his fans. Hopefully Michael Jackson sins forgiven by GOD and GOD Place him into heaven.

Unfortunately we can not see his concert world

And Nice youtube video about michale jackson.

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(I am from Indonesia)


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