Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Moving next door maybe

After being left unoccupied for several months, the house next door was finally bought by one of our neighbours. Apparently he got a great deal as the previous owner was desperate to get rid of it. The new owner set to work almost immediately. With his team of builders and a skip in front of the house. The first few days was pure torture with the drilling, knocking and dust hanging in the air. We even had to complain to them to keep it down.

Fortunately they seem to be nearing the end of their renovation work. I was curious and went to see what they have done so far and I was amazed at the quality of work. Plus the fact that they achieved all of it in such a short time.

Even though it's the same size as our house, the rooms look bigger and really great. Not only that, they have removed the jungle of an eyesore which was their backyard with a new paved patio. They are also paving up the front of their house and created a driveway. This is bad news for us as this means loss of our extra parking space. I had wanted one for our house as well but our landlord had refused.

Our new neighbour want to put it up for rent and I was pleasantly surprised when he enquired whether we would be interested to move in. Of course I didn't promise anything but the prospect of bigger rooms, brand new fitted kitchen and nice bathrooms and of course a driveway in front is really, really attractive. I guess the deciding factor would be the question of monthly rentals. I am not sure how much they want for the house but if it's not a big jump from what we are paying now, we might actually move in next door.

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D said...

oh wow!hope they dont put the rent too high!!

Andy said...

hope next would be better for you:)

bokjae said...

Hope you can move in to your new place!!!! Always refreshing to live in a newly renovated house!


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