Monday, March 16, 2009

Online T-shirt store with a difference

Look what came through the door yesterday - a brand new T-shirt.

guitar t-shirt02

It is an original Iffyton T Shirt from Iffyton High Street - a new online T-shirt store. It is totally different from other online t-shirt stores I am familiar with. It features a virtual high street with various stores, each with a different theme selling original designs you won't find elsewhere. You can go left or right depending on the position of your mouse and hovering your mouse over a store will give you a brief description below.


You can also start selling your own designs by setting up a virtual store on the site for a one off fee of only £500. This includes store set up, hosting, banking, etc. Found out later on that the guys behind Iffyton High Street are Totally Original T-Shirts (TOT-Shirts), one of Britain’s largest garment decoration specialists (in their words).

My only concern was that the TOS and contact information are not easily accessible. Some fussy first time customers might be put off by that.

Anyway, I had a tough time choosing from the various designs but I finally went for this guitar design in a shop called "A DJ is not a musician".


I don't have anything against DJ's - just thought that the design was cool. It costs £18.60 inclusive of the postage. The delivery was fast and the quality of the cloth (100% cotton) was surprisingly good. I am really impressed. Will definitely be shopping there again.

guitar t-shirt01

First Commentator


Magnild World said...

The T-shirt is nice and you look so COOL....Hehehe - say "CHEESE"....

Emila Yusof said...

that is one good looking shirt!

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

Hi Angel, Emila: Thanks. I love the design. Great for playing my air guitar

Rani said...

You've been tagged.

Kevin D said...

after visiting the factory, I am going for one of the lucky dips 5xshirts for £10!

shirt looks great!


MuzEju said...

I like the poses... modelling the shirt, focus on merchandise so no need to look at the camera.

merapuland said...

you look cool-ler than the t-shirt

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

MuzEzu: hehehe

Merapuland: Thanks.actually a bit malu

Andy Lau TC said...

Hi,how are u Mr.Adam...hope u fine!

long time no c...ok la...nice post n photos!

currently i blog back..with my friend help..pls have a comment n guide if u free...

have a nice day&do keep healthy&take k!




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