Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Hooked on house makeover show

Homes under the hammer, 60 Minute Makeover, Grand Designs - these are but some of the TV programmes I am hooked on right now. I guess the common themes that run in all these programmes is making a house a home.

It surprising because I have never done much DIY work before I moved to the UK - we just hired someone to do it because labour is cheap in Malaysia. Some may disagree but I assure you, it's way cheaper than in the UK.

My wife hates these programmes but I think that it is something amazing - watching people turn a dilapidated house into something beautiful. I think what really appeals to me is watching how these people overcome the obstacles to make their dreams a reality.

Homes under the hammer comes on weekday mornings on BBC 1 and shows how people buy people buy properties in auctions and do them up. Not all of them are successful and I have learnt a number of tips that I should keep in mind should I ever decide to buy in an auction. 60 Minute Makeover is on ITV1 and a team redesigns a house in exactly 1 hour. My favourite is of course Grand Designs. It is on Channel 4 and presented by Kevin McCloud. Watch people build the houses of their dreams (which sometimes turn into nightmares). I have blogged about it before. Read My Grand Designs.

I would have loved to do up this house that I am living in and God knows that it is desperately in need of a huge makeover. I have actually done quite a lot. Unfortunately, I am just renting it and I guess I have to wait until I get my own house.

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