Monday, February 02, 2009

Snowfall in Coventry Feb 09

Went to London yesterday to see my nephew Noah who just arrived on Saturday. A really cute fellow and it was amazing he was willing to let me hold him. He got on fabulously with my daughter as well. However, he became cranky later in the after noon - jet lag I guess.


While we were there it started snowing - a bit at first and then later in the evening, became a blizzard. I was quite worried and decided to drive back before it got worse. I was so worried, I didn't even get chance to say bye to Noah. It was terrible in London but as soon as we hit the M40, the weather suddenly cleared and it was Ok the rest of the way home.

snow coventry

Woke up this morning to find everything white. It was not that bad and I sent the kids to school. I think I made a good decision to come back instead of staying back in London yesterday because we would have been stuck there today. Apparently they had nearly a feet of snow there yesterday.

snow on chair

snow on path


Chrystal K. said...

Your nephew is adorable!

mmo said...

yeah your nephew really is adorable as well as your whole family.

lillian said...

After almost 10 years in Thailand I would be TERRIFIED to drive in snow ! Well done!!! :-)

Melaleuca said...

Looks like anyone has made that design with long hour hard work. Interesting.

Swarovski Crystals said...

Awwww.. he's so cute.. Plus your daughter's smile is absolutely priceless..

Basha The Czar said...

COOL. Hai friend yr blog is so impressive & interesting. I have linked yr blog in mine. Can you pls link me back and msg me. Waiting for yr cute reply friend:)

Amiee said...

Even I don't dare to drive. You have a lovely nephew.

ipod speakers said...

Your nephew and daughterboth are cute. How the day was awesome!

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

Thanks for all your comments guys.

Lillian: I had to learn or I would have been stuck at home.


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