Thursday, December 11, 2008

Woolworths' sale now on

Dropped by the Woolworths outlet near our house as I heard that they are having a closing down sale. I heard correctly but I was mistaken about the date. The closure sale starts in all its 815 outlets from Thursday (today). Read the BBR report: 'Woolworths closure sale to start'. Their website has been down for a while now.

There's only one message that says: "Our site is currently undergoing essential maintenance. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please check back later."

Anyway, I was able to grab a few bargains. However, was disappointed when I found out that reductions on the movie DVDs and games were only 20%. However the store was packed with customers and a number of the shelves were quite empty. I have never seen so many customers in the Woolworths outlet ever. If business had been that good before, they probably would not have gone under.

Anyway, I will be dropping by the store again and see how much the Nintendo Wii is going for.


sweetspirits said...

Arrh Adam you so have to get a Wii and we can exchange mii's hehe .
Well if you play online you'll have to send me your friend code :) .
cheerz tcz

Van Theodorou said...

It's kinda sad Woolworth's closing soon.

Well, i just hope you get a good deal on your Wii one of these days!

display stand said...

Well, i just hope you get a good deal on your Wii one of these days!


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