Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ikea Coventry sale

Both my wife and I are Ikea fans and we decided to pay the Ikea Coventry store in the city centre a visit yesterday. The Ikea store here celebrates their first birthday and we were expecting some celebrations but were disappointed to find out there weren't any.

I had received a few coupons (for being a loyal Ikea customer) and one of the coupons was for a free copy of their new coffee table book 'UK at Home'. Was quite disappointed when I found out that it was not available in the store and the staff apparently did even know anything about it.

We didn't have anything in mind and had gone there to browse through and grab a bite. However, as it usually happens, we came back with a car boot full of stuff. We didn't buy any furniture but we got some great steals from their bargain corner.

They had cut prices on a number of products. I guess the credit crunch has hit them as well and like other retailers are trying to pull in their customers with bargain offers. The choice of candles was amazing - in various shapes and sizes and with different aromas. My wife grabbed a few. Our house smelt of apples and berries nice last night.

We also grabbed a bite at their restaurant.
diam cake

Anyway, their winter sale starts tomorrow.


lillian said...

It is a bit disappointing.. but those candles sound great. Candles are so expensive in CM !

sweetspirits said...

Arh an Ikea Fan , so am i :)

Sarah said...

That picture look so good. Every time I go to Ikea, I have to stop in the restaurant, everything is so cheep and yummy.

It seems we both have the same problem of always going to Ikea and coming back with a car load. Every time I go I always buy those little tea candles (i think that's what they call them). I have them in all the colors, and they give off different scents, the red/pink ones are my favorite.

narrowband said...

I love that Daim cake at Ikea.

Happy New Year Adam! :)


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