Sunday, November 02, 2008

Robot at the Arena Park

Went to the Arena Park Shopping centre near our house to buy a new pair of school shoes for my daughter as well as her gym stuff.

We arrived just in time to see this Robot dancing.

robot_arena _park01

My daughter was quite scared and when the robot turned around, bent and gave out a loud robotic "fart" sound, she was not very impressed.

"Naughty Robot" she said.

Robot coming towards us


seoreports said...

Ha kids do have a way of telling it how it is. What was the robot about anyway?

Adam said...

I agree. Kids really say the darnest things and usually the truth.

They have the robot show as an attraction every weekend.

Chrystal K. said...

That's funny. Kids are often scared of things that are meant to be entertaining to them, especially when they're huge. When you're a kid, big things look even bigger, and that is scary.

Susanne49 said...

I think this Robot doesn't look very friendly. I would be scared too, believe me! :)

Handhel Games said...

Be glad it's not Barney :)


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