Monday, November 10, 2008

High achiever wife

Last night I bundled up the kids and picked up my wife from Pool Meadow bus station in Coventry City Centre. She was coming back from a conference in London. This was her first ever since she started her PhD two years ago and I was delighted when I learnt that she received a "Promising paper" award at the conference. It's such a big deal because some of the top marketing gurus from all around the World were at the conference as well.

I am really happy for her and am wondering whether I can achieve something like that in the near future as well. Unlike me, my wife is a perfectionist. She refused to go to a conference until she was sure it was near perfect and she's still not happy with it. I am more of a relaxed last minute person and during my first year, presented my half baked paper at a doctoral conference. We are like Yin and Yang. However, I think we both need to come to a balance - with myself taking it more seriously and she - relaxing a bit.

Do any of you have a high achieving partner?


D said...

WoW! Congrats to the lady!! Aah.. on the note of married partners, each are meant to compliment one another, right?

Zip n Tizzy said...

Mine's hard working but easy going.
I think it's great when you create balance as a unit. Congrats to yoiur wife, but to you too for keeping things afloat at home!

Acat said...

its all relative init? if ur main goal in live is to provide for you family and make sure that u have enough time for them and all that and u have achieved it, does that make u less of a success than someone who targets to be a millionaire by 40?

videos gratis said...

The same happens to me with my wife, she's economist, a perfectionist, and I'm an artist, imagine.

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

D: Totally agree with you on that.

Zip..: We try to keep a balance but it's hard when both of us are studying.

Acat: Yes. Sometimes having just enough but with a happy home is better then being a Millionaire but not happy.

fiona said...

Truthfully, do men find them self a little bit intimidated if his wife get more salary?

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

Fiona: I have no problems but I guess some men might have a problem with that.

Cell Phone GPS said...

Well same thins happens to me. my husband is very imaginative and contented with what we have. And I am an economist and want a luxurious life. but somehow we manage. We both want peace of home.


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