Friday, November 14, 2008

Critical thinking

Recently someone asked me my opinion about "critical thinking" as part of their research. More precisely, what is critical thinking according to me.

The first think that came to my mind was "Thinking outside the box!" However, when I was asked to elaborate what I meant by that, I suddenly realised that I couldn't explain.

What do we mean when we say, "thinking outside the box" and what box are we referring to?

Anyway, to me, critical thinking refers to opening up our minds to several possible solutions to a problem and reflecting during the whole process. It also means avoiding all possible bias that may cloud the thought process. It's really hard to put aside all the bias that we may have inside our heads and this in turn makes it hard for us to think objectively.

For example, in an election, can we vote for someone - totally ignoring the skin colour, religion, race, etc. and only looking at their track record and all available information on the candidates.

Made me think that if we place ourselves in that situation would we be able to think objectively and justly as well.

So what do you understand by critical thinking?


Susanne49 said...

Critical thinking is objective thinking and not subjective.

Tom / Unique Business Opportunity said...

Critical thinking is stepping up your awareness to the possibilities and consequences of taking different actions.

sweetspirits said...

Now you've got me thinking ;] and I'm trying 2 think outside the box . Right now I'm using my Wii to post a comment hmm ,so i will get back 2 u later on facebook ..... tcz

Fish Recipes said...

In my opinion Critical Thinking, is thinking where you pay more attention to the details, because the decision is a critical one. And you carefully deliberate your choices and decision.s


Buzzing J said...

Perhaps, the first step would be to look at the problem like an outsider or layman, without all the usual assumption regarding a subject matter.

Frank Spiele said...

I think I would have to say that "critical thinking" is when you take everything into account and make a well-informed decision. Frank

mudanzas teruel said...

Reasoning based on form rather than content is widespread; it is the basis for logic and mathematical reasoning. Learning to recognize, and apply a criticism to, these forms is a skill that can be taught, one that can be applied independently of discipline.

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Rani said...

Hmmm...have not been thinking much lately!

hariman said...

critical thinking is needed to make a good decision. Critical thiking is same like thinking deeply.

the mindful way through depression said...

critical is objective

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, critical thinking is to think and consider the broad aspects to solve all the problems!

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