Thursday, October 30, 2008

Daughter turns 5

My daughter turned 5 yesterday.

I am a big girl now"
She wanted to wear her Halloween costume and of course you can't refuse the birthday girl.



Attacking the cake

Quick grab it while Baba's not looking.



D said...

Happy Birthday Cutie...

Marina Neuerscheinung said...

Aw... gees I can remember when I was 5... scary stuff. The cake looks delicious.. was it the forever friends one? I´ve bought that one a few times for my little girl.. always a winnner!!


ChrisM said...

Many (slightly belated) happy returns to her :)

Web Hosting Tool said...

A very happy b'day sweety....

Franquicias said...

Very pretty your family, your blog is very nice, a strong hug

Fahimi Wan Hamad said...

yo adam. long time tak masuk in here. i also had changed from blogging at rainacid to

Happy birthday to ur baby n happy annivesary dude!

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