Sunday, October 19, 2008

Am I in the wrong profession

Haven't been able to update this blog that often as would have liked to.

Anyway, quite recetly I had an opportunity to talk to a guy working for an IT firm around here. I was shocked when I found out how much they were earning. The amazing part was not how much they earned but they did so when most of them don't even have a degree. Here I am, having spent a large part of my life in various educational institutions as a student and as an academic with short stints in the corporate sector and non-governmental sector. And what do I expect to get after all this - a place as a lowly paid lecturer in a University.

Even here in the UK, the starting pay for a lecturer is only around £3000 (it varies from University to University and I am taking the higher end). That may seem a lot but considering that in order to have a chance of getting into a University you must have a good bachelor's degree, followed by a Master's degree (not necessary in some cases) and ultimately topped by a PhD. And that's not all - you need to have some teaching experience and some publications, preferably in top ranking academic journals.

I have done most of that and so far I have spent around 9 years studying in various Universities after I left secondary school. I am not even calculating the money I have invested in my education. And I find myself asking this question - For what?

I guess the answer is right in front of me. A thirst for knowledge and books plus the fact that I love sharing what little I know with everyone willing to listen and read (or forced) what I have to say and found out. I guess that's what drives me to blog as well.

What about you? Do you love what you do or do you find yourself question whether you made the right choice?


*lynne* said...

my opinion is one should do what one is passionate about. high-income but no enjoyment, no thank you. Comfortable-income and enjoying the work? yes please! :) money's important up to a point - hence the "comfortable income": need enough such that you don't need to be worrying about it all the time... but it shouldn't be the focus of the work.

D said...

Hey you, I am 'called' to answer your question. I've always been lured into the teaching line since little, probably due to my parents being in the academic line. By the time I stepped into secondary school, I already knew that there was NO WAY that I did anything other than teach, though I didn't quite know what subject it'd be.

I know teaching (or lecturing, or any other simile) will never make you rich but it connects you to people and to the latest developments in academia, as well as giving you personal and spiritual satisfaction.

yup, I'm happy with the profession I chose. My opinion is, if you aim to be rich - teaching is definitely not for you.


Mei (WireBliss) said...

Very good question. I have been asking the same question for ages still no answer :) Obviously I love making wire jewelry but I am in the environmental field. I applied for a "Jewelry Maker" post here in Malaysia early this year and the pay is 7/8 times lower than what I am getting now....duh! how to survive like that...Guess in the end, the ability to provide to our daily needs decide which profession we should chose...

inyang said...

i belong to those IT professionals you mentioned :) and no, i don't love my job ... i like it and find it very challenging but i don't love it ... my passion is the arts, but unlike you, i've forsaken my passion for the promise of a better future for my kids and went with the trend ... i'm not sorry for doing it, though :)


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